Becoming a Temporary Test Center

SAGES and Surgical Science are temporarily allowing institutions that have the GI Bronch, GI Express or Endo Mentor Suite simulator to rent the FES exam module for one week in order to administer the exam at their institution. The fee for the module rental is $2,500 per week. If your site does NOT already have one of the required simulators to take the FES exam, you can rent the GI Express and FES exam modules for a fee of $7,000 per week.

Institutional Responsibilities

You will be required to have the following:

  • An internet connection
  • A Temporary proctor candidate who
    • will need to complete online training modules as well as attend a one-hour webinar. Training is to be done 7-10 days prior to the testing week.
    • works in the skills lab and/or has experience with the GI Bronch, GI Express or Endo Mentor Suite.
    • will need to monitor each test taker for the entire exam (skills and written portions). This will take approximately 2-1/2 to 3 hours per test taker.
    • will serve as the main point of contact and will coordinate with SAGES regarding test taker registration and scheduling.
  • One computer station for administering the written portion of the exam.
  • Dedicated times for testing where the room(s) housing the simulator and computer will not be used by anyone else. 
  • Valid FES vouchers for each test taker.
  • Someone from the institution’s IT department on call to help if there are technical difficulties. 

If you are interested in a hosting a week-long testing event for your residents, please contact your Surgical Science sales representative or Chad Osinski at [email protected]. Once they confirm that your site can meet the technical requirements, they will supply you with a link to the FES Exam Date Request Form, which must be submitted at least six (6) weeks prior to the testing week you are requesting. SAGES staff will then work directly with you to schedule the testing and Temporary proctor training.