Testing Information

The FES assessment is a two-part, proctored exam that covers cognitive knowledge and manual skills.  Both parts of the exam must be taken in a single test appointment.

The cognitive component is a timed, multiple-choice exam administered via computer. It is designed to test the understanding and application of the basic fundamentals of endoscopy with an emphasis on clinical judgment and intraoperative decision -making.

The manual skills component evaluates skills based on efficiency (speed) and precision (accuracy) of the surgeon’s maneuvers using the GI Mentor II, GI Bronch Mentor or GI Mentor Express, all proprietary pieces of hardware developed by Surgical Science. The test consists of five simulation exercises incorporating most of the psychomotor skills necessary for basic GI endoscopic surgery.

Please refer to the following guides for instructions on how to purchase and register for the FES exam. Note that while it appears you are only registering for the cognitive portion, you are signing up for the manual skills segment of the exam as well.